Born and raised in central Texas, I grew up loving the outdoors. Experienced using a chainsaw for 20 plus years, it dawned on me in the spring of 2009 what a great hobby chainsaw carving could be. Quickly took some instruction and never looked back. It's great taking a simple log/fallen tree and turning it into something that someone might enjoy. Only wish that I would have discovered sooner.
About Me and My Carvings  
About My Chainsaw Carvings

In late 2009, after researching chainsaw carvings and carvers, I had the great pleasure of meeting R. L. Blair, famed artist/sculptor from the "Great Northwest." I'm grateful that R. L. continues to be my mentor and friend.
   That's me on the right, 
next to the great R. L. Blair.
There are exceptions, but each carving usually consists of about 70% chainsaw (four sizes) work, with the balance involving the use of a sand grinder, die grinder, Dremel tool, assorted small tools (all used for finer detail), and some type of finish for protection. Depending on size, wood type, and amount of detail, my carvings will usually take 4-9 hours to sculpt from start to finish.

I work chiefly with oak, pine, cedar, and mesquite. I never have, and never will, cut down a tree for my carvings. I use only fallen trees.
-- For Purchases and Special Requests --

If you wish to purchase a carving shown on one of the Gallery pages, you can contact me directly. Mention the name and give a description of the carving.

You also may contact me if you wish to request an original carving, to be made especially for you.

Cost varies according to type of wood, amount of detail, and size of carving. Generally, carvings are sold at about $100 per foot. Contact me for a more precise quote.

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My cell phone: (210) 325-6783
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