Here are photos of my original wood carvings, some of which are available for purchasing. There are additional photos in Gallery 2 , Gallery 3 , and Gallery 4. Unless noted beneath an image, these carvings are generally 16"-18" in height. 
Original Chainsaw Wood  Carvings
Chainsaw Carvings Gallery 1
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           3' Bust​
Large Bear
  3.5 feet tall



Bust of Bear
Flag Bear

         More Flowers​
Rose Bear

 On the Run​​
See my "About and Contact" page to learn more about these carvings or if you wish to contact me to purchase a carving or to request that I make an original carving especially for you.
Sitting Fishing Bear

Ready for the Day
Two Friends' Child's  Bench

Two Welcome Bears

              Football Bear
Another popular carving enjoyed by both bear lovers and football enthusiasts


     Kicking Back
                 On the Prowl
                         Your Address